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While mobile commerce is still in its infancy in the US, and even more so in the UK, there are signs that users are coming round to the idea, with 71% saying they feel it is safe to make a purchase on their mobiles.

An eMarketer round up of recent mobile commerce stats also reveals some interesting information about the kinds of products people want to buy from their phones.

As you would expect, most of the items are things that are useful when people are out and about, with pizza, movie tickets, hotel rooms and fast food the most popular:

A PriceGrabber survey of purchases US consumers have actually made on their mobiles paints a different picture, suggesting that people are willing to buy electronics, books and clothing:

According to Internet Retailer, mobile commerce is beginning to catch on in the US, with 5% of the top 500 online retailers offering m-commerce sites or iPhone apps. The US mobile commerce market is predicted to be worth $1.6bn in 2009.

The same cannot be said for the UK though, I struggle to find three mobile commerce sites in the UK, though Oasis has recently launched an iPhone app which you can (just about) buy through.